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Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History


Open for enrolment

  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Format: online

The course aims to give participants an understanding of what constitutes Black history, the different ways Black histories can be classified, and an overview of current challenges in how the topic is being taught.

It will empower participants to begin thinking about the opportunities provided by Black history to fulfil national curriculum requirements, as well as to engage students more fully in conversations about the historical origins of the social and political settlements of our time.

This comprehensive course will help educators design and deliver engaging Black history curricula.

Taking participants from first principles, the course starts by considering what constitutes Black history and the historic deficit in the teaching of those histories, before diving into subject knowledge lectures to help educators enhance their understanding of specific Black histories. The course closes with curriculum and lesson planning lectures that aim to introduce educators to the wealth of digital resources available and how these can be creatively integrated into lessons.

Participants will be encouraged to review their current history programmes and begin considering areas where Black narratives can be re-inserted. The course is curriculum focussed, so participants will engage with statutory and non-statutory requirements, allowing them to see how the teaching of Black histories can be used to fulfil the national curriculum more widely.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Black History
  • Module 2: Teaching Black History as British History
  • Module 3: Teaching Black History as World History
  • Module 4: Cultural Awareness and Curriculum Planning

Course Delivery and Assessment

The qualification is delivered through 20 hours of online learning via video lectures, coursework and an exam.

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