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The African History Project is a new specialist school of Black history, culture and thought. Our mission is to design and deliver world-class courses that inspire students, spark debate and champion the study of Black political, social, economic and intellectual history.

We work with historians, educators, writers, poets and artists to design and deliver world-class tuition in all aspects of Black history. Drawing on our shared expertise, our courses allow students to understand more about Africa, her ideas, her politics, her religions and above all her people, both on the continent and in diaspora.

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We have a highly engaged team of Fellows and Researchers committed to fulfilling the mission of the Project.

Our three departments design and deliver world-leading courses in African history, political thought and culture

Our workshops, short courses and foundation certificates allow people to study with us in a variety of ways

Recent PR Events

The AHP sits with Dr. Koné and Dr. Grumbach to discuss ‘Zombification’ and the Black Experience

Director of the African History Project, Apeike Umolu, speaks with Dr Kiatezua Luyaluka on African Cosmology

Apeike Umolu, Director of African History Project, to sit down with Sir Hilary Beckles to Discuss Reparations at the Centre of Pan African Thought

Our team

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Apeike Umolu is a historian and the founder of the African History Project. She lectures in all aspects of Black history and specializes in the Black intellectual history of the 19th and 20th centuries. She has undertaken historical studies at the University of Oxford and is working on her first book, “On Black Consciousness”. She is also an educator with over 15 years of experience supporting students in the attainment of academic excellence.

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Strategic Partnerships

Kofi Adjei is our Strategic Partnerships and Client Relationship Assistant. A English and Sociology graduate of the University of Ghana, he manages partner and client relationships.

Fellows and Researchers

We have a highly engaged team of Fellows and Researchers committed to fulfilling the mission of the Project. All passionate Africanists and budding educators, they enrich the Project and our students’ experience.

The African History Project consists of three departments:

Department of African History

This department focuses on the modern political history of Africa. Researchers and lecturers in this department are committed to helping our students dive into the stories of the continent and its people, to explore the lives and events that have shaped modern African consciousness. Our courses are expertly designed and expertly led, challenging students to think critically and place events within their regional, continental, pan-African and international contexts.

Department of Black Political Thought And Culture

This Department teaches and conducts research on all aspects of Black intellectual history in Africa, the Caribbean and North America from antiquity to the present day. It also teaches and conducts research into Black cultural history with a focus on political expression through the literature, music, art and fashion of the 20th century.

Department of Education

This department runs innovative continuing professional development courses designed to  give history educators the knowledge and skills they need to deliver robust and engaging history programmes. Our courses support educators with imbuing their curricula with a culture of global citizenship that allows young historians to develop the skills of inquiry and discovery they need to understand the antecedents of the world we live in today and to take their history studies forward

Our Courses


Our workshops are half-day or one-day training sessions delivered online via live seminars. Skills-focused, we keep class sizes small enough to facilitate discussion and allow participants to contribute their thoughts on the readings and the ideas being considered.

Short Courses

Our short courses are 6-week or 12-week courses designed to introduce students to key topics in Black history. Intellectually rigorous, courses combine independent student and live seminars to give participants a solid grounding in the history and ideas of Africa and her diaspora.

Foundation Certificates

These comprehensive courses explore the depth and breadth of Black history, helping students to engage in critical enquiry and develop new skills of historical analysis. Combining video lectures, set readings, live seminars, marked assignments and exams, these courses are intellectually rigorous and academically engaging. 

Our Foundation Certificate in African History and our Foundation Certificate in Black Political Thought and Culture take 12 months. Our Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools takes 3 months to complete.

Public Lectures

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The African History Project was officially launched in June 2020. Over the course of a year, over 3000 people have registered for our public lectures and we have gained over 4000 followers across our social media platforms. Our public lectures provide insightful explorations of all aspects of Black history.

Thought Leadership

Explore our recent Papers and Articles

We are committed to thought leadership in the space of African political and intellectual history as well as in relation to African philosophies of education and history.

Fellows and Researchers

With an exceptional team of researchers, the African History Project conducts innovative research into how African historical narratives are studied and taught. Our team support course design, helping us to deliver world-leading workshops and courses.

Research Papers

We produce a number of Occasional Papers, White Papers and Industry Reports each year with the aim facilitating greater cooperation and innovation in our areas of expertise. By collaborating with leading academics and cultural institutions, we work to provide the raw data that institutions need to bolster their delivery of African history content and to infuse academic and teaching practice with African philosophies of history and education. 

Our ethos

We teach the histories of Black peoples in their entirety, as experienced by Black peoples not solely European engagement with or interpretations of those peoples giving students an authentic understanding of Black cultures

We champion the work of Black historians and primary sources from Black historical figures including the use of oral histories, poetry, art, artefacts and music to explore Black ideas of self and community

We have a pan-African approach to the study of Black histories allowing students to explore the influence of and impact on contemporaneous global Black experiences

Online Study

Our online courses make use of digital archives and audio-visual resources to enhance the learning experience and widen access to Black historical study at the highest of levels.

Expert Tuition

Our lessons have been designed by experienced lecturers and tutors in consultation with historians to ensure that they are engaging, critical and informative.

Video Lectures

Our video lectures provide robust introductions to topics and support students as they work through readings and engage with the sources.


Students receive a certificate of completion and full transcript on successful completion of the course and are eligible for an academic reference.