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Black Political Thought and Culture
Explore political narratives, on the continent and in diaspora

Black intellectual history, existing as it does at the intersection of history, political thought, and philosophy, is enjoying increased interest in the academy.

Our Department champions the Pan-African exploration of African intellectual history on the continent and in the diaspora. Uniquely, the Department is also the site of explorations of Black literary cultures (fiction and poetry, including lyric music) as sources of history within the African experience. Our courses are expertly designed and expertly led, giving students a one of a kind learning experience while our research seeks to propose new perspectives of different aspects of political philosophy.


Fellows and Visiting Lecturers to the Department conduct research, deliver public lectures and courses for the Foundation Certificate within the following research streams:

African History Project - Family Sitting at Table Foundation Certificate in
African History and Political Thought
This course is aimed at students with an interest in the cultures and historical narratives of Africa, its people, and their ideas. FIND OUT MORE

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