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Black Political Thought and Culture
Explore Black narratives, on the continent and in diaspora

Our Department of Black Political Thought and Culture teaches Black intellectual history of the continent and its diaspora, from antiquity to the present day, including teaching the history of political expression through Black literature culture.

Short Courses

Our short courses are 6-week or 12-week courses designed to introduce students to key topics in Black history. Intellectually rigorous, courses combine independent student and live seminars to give participants a solid grounding in the history and ideas of Africa and her diaspora.


Our workshops are half-day or one-day training sessions delivered online via live seminars. Skills-focused, we keep class sizes small enough to facilitate discussion and allow participants to contribute their thoughts on the readings and the ideas being considered.

African History Project - Black Americans Foundation Certificate in
Black Political Thought
and Culture
The Foundation Certificate in Black Political Thought and Culture is aimed at students with an interest in the theory, history and real world manifestations of political ideas within the Black experience. FIND OUT MORE

Latest Articles from The Africxn Review

The official journal of the African History Project, we combine both literary and academic content in this unique exploration of topics central to the Black experience, on the continent and in diaspora.

The Divine Family – Language and Divinity in African Consciousness

We explore fictive kingship, the deification of the Black family and the familial linguistics of Black divinity

Celebrating the Pan-African Pantheon, the Centre of Pan African Thought hosts an important lecture series

The Centre of Pan African Thought hosts a lecture series profiling key figures in Pan-Africanism

Fanon, on Dichotomies and Colonisation

Manufactured difference is the bedrock of the colonial world. The colonisation matures when this results in a “cutting” of the national consciousness.

Fanon, on the Denigration of Culture

When one thinks of the vessels of esteem – those things, both material and immaterial, that carry our sense of self – culture is perhaps the most heavily laden of these vessels.

Latest News and Insight

Our Director Apeike Umolu to interview Prof. Barney Pityana to discuss Black Consciousness and Steve Biko at the Centre of Pan African Thought

Apeike Umolu, Director of African History Project, to sit down with Sir Hilary Beckles to Discuss Reparations at the Centre of Pan African Thought

Deciphering the Backlash Against Teaching Black History

African History Project Launches Groundbreaking Centre for the study of Pan African Citizenship Education (CPACE)