Past Lecture | Revolutionary Gospel, a Political History of Haitian Vodou

African History Project - Haitian Vodou (2)

There are few religions that have been more demonised than Haitian Vodou. It is at once painted as a sham cult and yet an institution of immeasurable political importance? How can this be?

In what promises to be an engaging conversation, we will explore the unique place of Vodou in Haitian political life. We will dive into the tenets of the faith and practice; understand its relationship with political movement from the 18th into the 20th centuries; and map the campaigns against it from both without and within

Join us for this exciting introduction to the political consciousness of African religions in the diaspora. We will navigate the pillars of the faith, exploring its grammars, materialities and physicalities to understand why it continues to strike fear into the hearts of so many on the political stage.<

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