Past Lecture | An Introduction to African Religions

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What do Africans believe in?

Africa, as the origin of humanity, is the origin of all religion. The mapping of cosmology and the search for the meaning of life, for the possibility of the eternal life, as well as the development of a system of ethics, and our first entries into conversation with the spirit world, all began and endure in African conceptions of religion, faith and belief.
African religious concepts are the oldest in human history; their unprecedented contribution to our understanding of what it is to be human, to be conscious, to be agents in the particular iteration of the space-time continuum we find ourselves in, cannot be understated.
Join us for this thrilling introduction to African religious thought. We travel through the pillars of African religion, exploring its philosophies, theologies and cosmologies to understand how Africans understand and relate to the divine and the spiritual.

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