Past Lecture | How Edward Blyden Found His African Personality

African History Project - Blyden (3) copy

Broadcast Tuesday 9 March 2021

In 1888, Dr Edward Blyden, the Caribbean-Liberian“father of pan-Africanism”, pioneering educator, educational theorist and politician, published a seminal collection of essays advocating, more or less, for the wholesale colonisation of Africa by Europeans – politically, intellectually and religiously. 

By 1908 he had changed his mind – but why?

In this lecture and conversation, we explore the life and work of Dr Blyden, charting his vehement advocacy of African development, and dissecting the evolution of his ideas from a veneration of all things western to a genuine reverence for what he called the “African Personality”.

In an engaging and thought-provoking conversation, we will dive into Blyden’s life, unpack his work and map the growth of his love affair with Africa and Africans.

Join us for as we gain a deeper understanding of west African history, African intellectualism, and African nationalism in the 19th century. 

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