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Pan-Africanism and Nationalism

Black thinkers of this period made immeasurable contributions to our understanding of humanism, human rights, citizenship, republicanism, modernity, liberation, and democracy, laying the ideological foundations for the “new Black states” emerging on the continent and in the diaspora. 

The courses, lectures and research in this stream consider how ideas such as Black Nationalism, Négritude, African Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and Black Consciousness challenged various non-African hegemonies on the continent and in the diaspora in the early-mid 20th century. 

Throughout the year, we carry out research into key issues in Pan-Africanism and Nationalism including our research in the Centre for the Study of Pan-African Citizenship Education.


Each Winter as part of our Foundation Certificate in African History and Political Thought we run our flagship course and public lecture series in Pan-Africanism and Nationalism. 

In Winter 2021/22, our public lectures and tutorials will be in the following topics:

1. Turning Points in Pan-Africanism: CLR James
Saturday 27 November 2021

2. Turning Points in Pan-Africanism: Marcus Garvey
Saturday 22 January 2022

3. Turning Points in Pan-Africanism: The Nardal Sisters
Saturday 26 February 2022

Please see below to register for the public lectures. If you are interested in enrolling on the Foundation Certificate please visit our Foundation Certificate Information Page.


Past Lectures


CLR James and How Marxism Influenced Pan-Africanism

Exploring CLR James’ considerable political and intellectual contributions to Pan-Africanism

What is Pan-Africanism? A Brief Introduction

Pan-Africanism seems to have a timeless appeal. But whe did it start?

Interview with Dr John Marah on Pan-Africanism

A Pan-Africanist scholar and a leading educational theorist, we catch up with Dr Marah ahead of his visit to the AHP.