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We have put together the following FAQs for our Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools. In you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@africanhistoryproject.org.

As a teacher, how will this course benefit me?

This course is essential because not only does it provide you with in-depth knowledge of various topics in Black history, it also provides you with the skills and methods to pass  this on knowledge to your students. 

Does this course follow the national curriculum?

This course takes into account the national curriculum and particularly identifies opportunities where Black historical narratives can be re-inserted into existing curricula.

Will there be an assessment and what does it entail?

This course is assessed by:

  • 1000-word reflection essay;
  • Curriculum planning assignment;
  • 1 hour open-book exam.

What periods of Black history will be covered?

This course focuses on giving educators an understanding of the opportunities to re-insert Black history into British and world history of the 17th to 20 centuries.

Why is this course limited to Key Stage 3?

As the KS4 syllabus is limited by what topics are available for examination at GCSE, KS3 provides the best opportunities for teachers to introduce their students to Black historical narratives.

What are some of the tools that will be used to deliver the course?

Our courses are delivered online and make great use of digital archives and audio-visual resources to enhance the learning experience and widen access to Black historical study at the highest of levels. Also, our video lectures provide robust introductions to topics and support students as they work through readings and engage with the sources.

Why is learning how to teach Black history important to the development of my teaching practice and curriculum design?

A history lesson is more engaging when the teacher can bring the lesson to life with their deep knowledge of the people, events and themes, and of the methods that best allow students to grasp these things. This course provides a robust and riveting insight into Black history so teachers can teach these historical narratives with full and complete understanding.

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