We are excited that you have joined or are thinking about joining one of our courses. Here you will find all the information you need to access your course materials, get started with your course, and ensure you stay up to date with all your course updates.

When will I get access to the course materials?

I purchased my course through the AHP website

If you registered through our website, unless it is a new workshop or course yet to officially launch, you should get immediate access to the course materials and pre-reading. If it is a new or revised course, please check your purchase confirmation email which should tell you when the course materials will be released.

I purchased my course through a third party website e.g. EventBrite, MeetUp

Enrolment for those who purchase workshops and courses through third party websites takes place every Monday. You should receive an email on the next Monday morning with your login details. The cutoff for each enrolment cycle is midnight on the previous Sunday.

If you enrol for a workshop in the week of the workshop, you will be given access to any pre-reading at least 24 hours before the workshop start date.

Once I am fully enrolled, how do I access the course materials?

To access the course materials:

  • Please visit our website https://africanhistoryproject.org
  • Please log in to the website using your log in details. 
  • Please click on “Profile” in the top left-hand corner and you should see your purchased courses listed there.
  • Click on the course name to access the course page.

If you do not see your purchased courses, please contact us.

I am enrolled on a Foundation Certificate, how come I cannot see this in my course list?

Our Foundation Certificates are modular courses therefore on your course list you will see the individual courses you can take as part of the Foundation Certificate.

As some Foundation Certificates require you to make a choice between modules, you may not see all the available modules all at once – you may be given access to the compulsory modules only. Your tutor will be in touch about how to make your selection for your optional modules.

What is the Student Portal / how do I get course updates?

The Student Portal includes useful guidance notes and important course updates for all enrolled students.

Once you have logged in to the website, you will see in the top toolbar a link to the STUDENT PORTAL. Please click here to enter the portal. Please start by reading through the guidance documents. You will also find course updates – please review these to check if there are any relevant to you. Please visit the Portal regularly so you can stay up to date with your course.

In addition to this, you will get a weekly newsletter from your course tutors with the latest School and Course information. This email usually summarises the most important or interesting news so is not a substitute for checking the Student Portal regularly.

Where should I start with my course materials?

After you have read through the guidance notes on the Student Portal, you are ready to dive into the course.

Head to your course page. The first thing you should do it re-read the course description. This will help to remind you of the structure and content of the course.

Secondly, head into the first module of the course. Each course should begin with a welcome lesson from the course leader. Please read through this and watch any video included. This will not only give you more context for the course but will give you a sense of the ethos that fuelled the course design.

After this you should feel ready to jump into the first substantive module of the course. If you still have any questions or are having problems accessing the course materials, please send us an email.