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Our innovative continuing professional development courses and teaching resources  give history educators the knowledge and skills they need to develop their teaching practice and deliver robust and engaging lessons .

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Through a programme of engaging conversations we explore current trends in history teaching practice, particularly as it pertains to the teaching of Black history. We also explore education more widely, exploring how Black educators are utilising African approaches to education to enhance their teaching practices.

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Tuesday 18 August 2021

Exploring Entrepreneurship in Secondary Education

Join our Director Apeike Umolu and Founder of Learning Connected Supplementary School, Farida Danmeri, as they discuss entrepreneurship in education.


Tuesday 21 September 2021

Introduction to Pan-African Citizenship Education

As we approach the publication of our white paper on Pan-African Citizenship Education join us as we discuss the opportunities afforded to all educators of exploring Pan-African approaches to education

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Our workshops are half-day or one-day training sessions delivered online via live seminars. Skills-focused, we keep class sizes small enough to facilitate discussion and allow participants to contribute their thoughts on the readings and the ideas being considered.

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The Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools empowers educators with the knowledge and skills needed to teach robust and integrated Black historical narratives as part of British and world histotiries. FIND OUT MORE

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The official journal of the African History Project, we combine both literary and academic content in this unique exploration of topics central to the Black experience, on the continent and in diaspora.

Young Pan Africans: Ekaete Alfred discusses her new Pan African Academy

We sit down with Ekaete Alfred to discuss her new and exciting Pan African supplementary school.

Does Race Belong in the Classroom?

In many parts of the world, race continues to be a primary tool used to order society. Can we justify not teaching about it in schools?

Black Bodies, White Classrooms & Hostile Territoriality

Is Dr George Yancy right to personify the classroom as a hostile terrain for the Black educator

Promoting Entrepreneurial Thinking in History Education

Should history education become more entrepreneurial? If so, how can history educators utilise the tools of entrepreneurial education without commercialising the classroom?

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Our Director Apeike Umolu to interview Prof. Barney Pityana to discuss Black Consciousness and Steve Biko at the Centre of Pan African Thought

Apeike Umolu, Director of African History Project, to sit down with Sir Hilary Beckles to Discuss Reparations at the Centre of Pan African Thought

Deciphering the Backlash Against Teaching Black History

African History Project Launches Groundbreaking Centre for the study of Pan African Citizenship Education (CPACE)