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The AHP Department of Education is an ambitious centre of research and teaching in education. 

We are an interdisciplinary and Pan-African department committed to rigorous exploration of the histories, philosophies and pedagogies that find life at the intersection of education and the global Black experience.


As the second biggest continent, and the one with some of the oldest human communities, the historical and other narratives of Africa and Africans provide wonderful case studies for the study of all human and natural phenomena.

Here at the African History Project we are particularly interested with helping educators enhance their teaching of African historical narratives. Our three on-demand courses allow educators to obtain advanced subject knowledge as well as critical curriculum planning skills to allow them to deliver more engaging and integrated history subject teaching.

You can take any of these courses as standalone courses, alternatively you can enrol onto our Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools in which you will complete the following five courses:

  1. Introduction to Teaching Black History
  2. Teaching Black History as World History
  3. Teaching Black History as British History
  4. Black History and Nurturing Culturally Aware Spaces
  5. Black History and Digital Archives

African History Project - Metal Ornament - Altar to the Hand Foundation Certificate in
Teaching Black History
in Schools
The Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools empowers educators with the knowledge and skills needed to teach robust and integrated Black historical narratives as part of British and world histories FIND OUT MORE


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