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The AHP Department of Education is an ambitious centre of research and teaching in education. 

We are an interdisciplinary and Pan-African department committed to rigorous exploration of the histories, philosophies and pedagogies that find life at the intersection of education and the global Black experience.

Africa and Africans in the Classroom

One of our primary focuses in the AHP Department of Education is on the study of Africa and Africans in the classroom. 

The Curriculum

Our interest in this stems not from a desire to correct any sort of deficit in the curriculum but from a genuine belief that the study of the continent is essential to the development of the continent itself, its people and its descendents in the diaspora. In addition, the study of the world’s second biggest continent is essential in any curricula hoping to nurture global citizenship.

Thus, our work in this stream concentrates on providing continuing professional development to educators who want to boost both their Black history subject knowledge as well as wanting to develop the skills to approach curriculum design in a more robust and integrated way.

Short Courses

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Teaching Black History
in Schools
The Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools empowers educators with the knowledge and skills needed to teach robust and integrated Black historical narratives as part of British and world histotiries. FIND OUT MORE


We have a deep interest in understanding the unique perspectives that African educators bring to their profession in the diaspora. Our focus in this stream is to engage in conversation with educators to understand the challenges and opportunities they perceive in the classroom, and explore how they can nurture a culture of resilience and excellence as their careers progress. 

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Our Research and Consultancy

Our research arm has an ambitious mission: to capture, codify, and share with the world historic and contemporary approaches to education derived from and thriving within the Pan-African experience.

Our work thus aims to challenge hegemonic epistemologies as they pertain to knowledge and knowledge acquisition systems.

In all of our work we adhere to the highest standards of intellectual rigour and collaborative production. We aim to be recognised as a world-leading school of education engaging in research and teaching that nurtures more compassionate, human-centred pedagogies. 

Our main focus is on the opportunities afforded by citizenship education and how citizenship education has developed within the Pan-African experience.

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Pan-African Citizenship Education
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Through a programme of engaging conversations we explore current trends in history teaching practice, particularly as it pertains to the teaching of Black history. We also explore education more widely, exploring how Black educators are utilising African approaches to education to enhance their teaching practices.

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