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The Centre immerses itself equally in the ideas of the past and the practices of today to understand how African philosophies and methods of education can find practical application at every level of society, from the family to the classroom.

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“A college suited, in all respects, to the exigences of this nation … cannot come into existence all at once. It must be the result of years of experience, or trial, of experiment.”

Edward Blyden, Former President of Liberia College

CPACE Paper 2022

The Paper, “Pan-African Citizenship Education: family, community and educators”, will propose a pedagogical framework for Pan-African Citizenship Education that provides practical and accessible guidance to parents, creatives, community leaders, cultural leaders, and educators for how to nurture Pan-African Citizenship through their work.

Beginning with a critical reading of Pan-African scholarship of the last 150 years, our Fellows and Researchers will mine the intellectual archives of Africa and its diaspora to explore past manifestations of Pan-Africanism at the grassroots. Working with our partners, the Paper will also survey current grassroots Pan-Africanism in the United Kingdom. Using the information gleaned, the Paper will set out a framework for an alternative pedagogy for global citizenship derived from the Black experience and including consideration for trans-cultural and trans-national opportunities unique to the Black experience.

    Briefing Paper

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    Why is a framework for Pan-African Citizenship Education needed?

    Pan-African Citizenship Education is a global citizenship pedagogy derived from the Black experience and drawing on the successes of over 500 years of successful trans-cultural and trans-national cooperation.

    Leading the Conversation

    The African History Project (AHP) is a specialist school of Black history, political thought and culture leading the conversation of practical applications of African philosophies of education.

    Lead Institutional Contributors

    In the African tradition of communitarianism, best captured by the phrase derived from the Ubuntu tradition, ‘I am because you are’, it is with deep pride that the African History Project introduces its Lead Institutional Contributors (LICs) to this Paper.