Turning Points in Pan-Africanism: CLR James

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Saturday 27 November 2021

Turning Points in Pan-Africanism: CLR James

   Public Lecture  | 1400 (New York), 1900 (London), 2000 (Lagos)

This is the first in a 3-part lecture series supporting the course, Pan-Africanism and Nationalism in Africa and the Diaspora

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    From an exploration of Black identity in the diaspora to a definitive call for political-economic unity on the continent, the gradual process of Pan-African thought is often underexplored.

    Join us for the first installment of the three-part lecture series Turning Points in Pan-Africanism. In this lecture, we will discuss how instrumental C.L.R. James’ was in transforming Pan-Africanism from a localized practice in the diaspora to a social, political and economic movement on the continent.  Through examining a selection of his texts, we will explore how his prioritizing of political cooperation on a global scale instead of promoting racial insularity in Black liberation movements added another layer to Pan-African unity.

    Through understanding the Trotskyist ideologies of C.L.R. James and the historical context which he was steeped in, we can trace his impact on Pan-Africanism as it transitioned from theories on Black identity in the diaspora to definitive political action that centered on the continent.

    Kai Mora is a Senior Fellow at the African History Project. A rising Africanist she is completing graduate studies in African history and has worked within a wide variety of museum, publishing and non-profit institutions. Specialising in Black intellectual history, she is dedicated to platforming Black ideologies and reimagining access to education. Her research centers on African culture and consciousness.

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