“Pre-, Post-, Colonial” – Periodising African History

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This seminar will take place on:

  • Duration: 90 minutes, 
  • Format: online, recorded
  • Fee: £10 | FREE for AHP enrolled students*

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This seminar was originally held on Saturday 11 September 2021

In this seminar we will explore how periodising African history in relation to colonisation has and continues to affect African studies.

In this dynamic and interactive session we hope to explore:

  • Traditional periodisation of history in African culture;
  • How continental, regional, and national textbooks have periodised African history;
  • Historical periodisation in Africa’s first history departments – Case Studies of the first history departments at the University of Ibadan, 1948, and the University of Dar es Salaam, 1964;
  • Periodisation of African history in non-African history departments today – Case Studies of European and North American Universities; 
  • And how all of this shapes how Africa and Africans have and continue to be studied. 

Our seminar are opportunities for participants to learn by diving into historical sources and engaging in historical debate. Participants are encouraged to engage with the readings and contribute their ideas. Open to all, this is a great way to hone your historical analysis skills.


  • Welcome to the Seminar (10 minutes)
  • Presentation, Apeike Umolu (20 minutes)
  • Seminar Discussion (60 minutes)

Apeike Umolu is the Director of the African History Project. A historian, lawyer and educational theorist, she researches extensively on West African political and intellectual history, philosophy of history, philosophy of education, and African epistemologies and pedagogies of liberation. 

Rene Odanga is a Fellow at the African History Project and a Post-Graduate Scholar in African Studies at Howard University, where he is also a Graduate Assistant at the Center for African Studies. His AHP Fellowship is centred on exploring 20th century intellectual history, East African history and Pan-African citizenship.

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