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Slide Registration open Dive into the life and work of one of Africa’s greatest revolutionaries.

Through talks, courses, articles and workshops, explore Biko’s ideas about Black Consciousness and its continued importance today.

Slide African History Project - Steve Biko 11 AFRICAN | FATHER | BLACK | ACTIVIST | HUSBAND | MAN | BANTU February - March 2021 | Registration open Bantu Steve Biko The father of Black Consciousness, Biko’s tragically short yet impactful life brought Black liberation psychology to the forefront of resistance movements in apartheid South Africa.

Building on Garvey's pan-Africanism, Senghor's Négritude and Azikiwe's Universalism, Black Consciousness sought to move conversations of Black liberation away from solely the economic and political to the psychological, asking and answering the question, what does it mean to be Black?

A formidable leader, an unsurpassed intellectual and an awe-inspiring orator, Biko’s work continues to intrigue and empower those in pursuit of greater equality.

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Slide SASO | I WRITE WHAT I LIKE | BPC | RESISTANCE | BCP | FRANK TALK February - March 2021 | Registration Open Exploring Black Consciousness Over the course of February and March 2021, we will dive into Biko's activism, the development of his ideas and the dents they made, and continue to make, to the monopoly of white consciousness in South Africa and around the world.

In what promises to be engaging and insightful conversations, we'll explore Biko's writings as well as his work with the South African Student's Organisation (SASO), the Black Peoples' Convention (BPC) and Black Community Programmes (BCP).

We will discover and engage with the soul of activism in apartheid South Africa, uncovering Black Consciousness as a revolutionary framework whose ideas continue to resonate deeply and widely.
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Slide African History Project - Black Women Solidarity copy TALKS | COURSE | WORKSHOP | ARTICLES February - March 2021 | Registration Open Events Through a series of exciting events, the man and the work are brought to life.

Through talks, courses, workshops and articles, participants will be introduced to Biko and Black Consciousness and facilitated in beginning their own personal journeys into Black Consciousness.

Our conversations will celebrate Biko and his ideas, giving participants an understanding of his important contribution to global discourses on Blackness, equality and liberation.

Practical workshops will look at the continued relevance of Black Consciousness narratives today and how these can be integrated into current social, economic and political activism of all kinds.

Slide EVENT | PUBLIC TALK | 7PM Monday 1 February 2021 | Registration open The Trial of Steve Biko In 1978, the leadership of the South African Students’ Organisation, founded by Biko, and the Black People’s Convention were put on trial in apartheid South Africa.

What followed was one of the seminal events in 20th Century African history and one of the definitive events in the course of Black Consciousness. Though not on trial himself, it was Biko’s awe-inspiring performance under cross-examination that came to define the trial and set a new standard for oratorical prowess in African activism.

In what promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking conversation, we will dive into the trial, decipher Biko’s formidable rhetoric and come to understand the depths of the psychological traumas of race-based caste systems, before exploring Biko’s ideas about how to overcome these.

Join us for this event through which we’ll gain a deeper understanding of Biko, his ideas and the liberating power of Black Consciousness.
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Slide AHP - Graphics - A Course in Black Consciousness copy EVENT | COURSE | All Day Saturday 20 February 2021| Registration Open A Course in Black Consciousness Join us for this enlightening and engaging course in which we will not only place Black Consciousness in its historical context but will learn how to deploy its tools in pursuit of our personal and collective growth.

Through the study of Biko’s writings, speeches and activism, we’ll map a course in Black Consciousness through which psychological decolonisation can begin to take place.

In particular, participants will gain an understanding of the role of history, language, education, religion, reflection and esteem in any attempt to overcome the psychological effects of oppression and begin the process of healing.

By considering the current state of global Blackness, as well as the specifics of the Black experience in various parts of the continent and in diaspora, participants will explore both the necessities of, as well as the practicalities of, deploying Black Consciousness programmes in their own communities.
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Slide EVENT | WRITING WORKSHOP | All Day Saturday 6 March 2021 | Registration open "I Write What I Like" Join us in this amazing writing workshop in which Biko’s work is used as inspiration to help participants to write more audaciously and consciously.

Biko wrote audaciously, striking fear into the heart of the South African government and invigorating South Africa’s Black youth. He combined history, philosophy and personal reflection into brilliant prose that mapped delicately the dysfunctions of Black reality under the apartheid regime.

We’ll dive into extracts from Biko’s writings to discover what it means to write fearlessly. Through a series of writing exercises, students will be challenged to tackle subjects that fill them with trepidation, and to use historical, contemporary and personal perspectives to fearlessly bring their narratives to life.

This workshop is great for those interested in life writing, looking to explore emancipatory discourse, or generally looking to improve their writing.
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Slide African History Project - Steve Biko 15 African-History-Project-Steve-Biko Immerse yourself in the stories, lessons and triumphs of Biko's life and the Black Consciousness Movement. O