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Past Lecture | How Edward Blyden Found His African Personality

Broadcast Tuesday 9 March 2021 In 1888, Dr Edward Blyden, the Caribbean-Liberian“father of pan-Africanism”, pioneering educator, educational theorist and politician, published a seminal collection of essays advocating, more or less, for the wholesale colonisation of Africa by Europeans - politically, …

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LIVE | Tuesday 6 July 2021 The Looting of Africa's Artefacts Future Lectures Tuesday 10 August 2021 | Revolutionary Gospel – A Political History of Haitian VodouRead moreOctober 2021 | Politics in the Poetics of Black MusicRead more
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Past Lecture | The Trial of Steve Biko

Broadcast 1 February 2021 In this lecture and conversation, we explore the life and work of Steve Biko. In 1978, the leadership of the South African Students’ Organisation, founded by Biko, and the Black People’s Convention were put on trial …
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on Black Consciousness by Apeike Umolu

In this powerful exploration of Black liberation thought, Umolu takes us on a dizzying dissection of Black consciousness. This is the first publication by Pangolin Papers, a new publishing house, and the first commission for African History Project. By considering …
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Why study with us?

The African History Project aims to deliver exceptional education, to invigorate Black history scholarship, and to make impactful and lasting contributions to society – locally, nationally and globally. We are combining a service driven mission with student centred teaching to …
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Explore African Regional Histories

Study African history in a structured and comprehensive way. Our African Regional History courses are run by our Department of African History. The department runs a Foundation Certificate as well as the Short Courses and Workshops each year dedicated to …