Our Director Apeike Umolu to interview Prof. Barney Pityana to discuss Black Consciousness and Steve Biko at the Centre of Pan African Thought

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In the third of three interviews moderated by Apeike Umolu, Professor Barney Pityana discusses his contribution to the 2021 collection of essays, The Pan-African Pantheon, edited by Professor Adekeye Adebajo of the University of Johannesburg.

The conversation will take place online on Wednesday 11 August 2021 and is hosted by Adebajo’s Institute of Pan-African Thought and Conversation.

Prof. Pityana’s contribution to the collection addresses Biko’s fight against apartheid in South Africa and examines the philosophy of Black Consciousness as advocated by Biko and the other leaders of the Black Consciousness Movement, including Pityana himself.

‘It is rare that one has the opportunity to meet a pioneer of this calibre,’ says Umolu on her upcoming conversation with Professor Pityana. ‘Pityana is much more than an activist and political thinker which should make for an interesting conversation. I am excited to explore his chapter in light of his work as a theologian and Anglican minister.’

Pityana was one of the founding members of the South African Students’ Organisation (SASO) and was an important figure in the Black Consciousness Movement. A law graduate of the University of South Africa, he went on to serve as the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of that prestigious university from 2001 to 2010.

Umolu and the AHP team are thrilled to be moderating this conversation.

Umolu previously chaired a conversation with Professor Kweku Ampiah discussing the Pan-African thought of Professor Kwame Appiah.

Umolu will be holding a similar conversation on Wednesday 4 August with the eminent Professor Sir Hilary Beckles to discuss the issue of reparations.

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