on Black Consciousness by Apeike Umolu

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In this powerful exploration of Black liberation thought, Umolu takes us on a dizzying dissection of Black consciousness.

This is the first publication by Pangolin Papers, a new publishing house, and the first commission for African History Project.

By considering the work of thinkers from Blyden to Césaire, Du Bois to Biko, Umolu weaves a course through the minds of those who tackled the psychology of Black liberation in past generations and asks what their ideas have to offer to the Black experience today.

The work’s vivid prose hunts intersections across continents, time and genres of literature, as the poetry, essays and oral testimonies of the past mingle on each page as towering evidence of the author’s commitment to historical enquiry and contemporary application that use pan-African frames of reference. 

“You are either alive and proud or you are dead”  Bantu Stephen Biko

Umolu is the director of the African History Project and this is her first publication. Of it she says:

“The history of Black liberation thought has always fascinated me, particularly the movements that prioritised psychological liberation or held it as the ultimate stage of liberation. It has been wonderful to dive into the work of leading thinkers of the past and map the development of the many iterations of what I collectively term  Black consciousness, the same name given to the South African liberation movement led by Steve Biko which first pique my interest in liberation studies as a teenager.”

The eBook is available for pre-order now and is set for release on Monday 3 May 2021. Hardback and paperback releases will follow this year.

  • on Black Consciousness

    by Apeike Umolu

    eBook Release Date: Monday 3 May 2021 – Pre-order now

    In this powerful exploration of Black liberation thought, Umolu takes us on a…

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