Life as an AHP Fellow: we catch up with Krystel Nozier, Summer Fellow 2021


Krystel Nozier joined the African History Project as a Summer Fellow in the Department of Black Political Thought and Culture in July 2021. 

Currently a third year student at the American University of Paris studying History, Law, and Society, Krystel has been assisting on our courses on the religion and politics of Haiti as well as supporting course development in our Department of Education. 

Born to Haitian parents, Krystel has lived in the United States, Uganda, Tanzania, and France. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary studies and research focused on history, law, and politics.

 We reached out to her to find out about her Fellowship at the Project so far .

AHP: How would you describe your experience at the African History Project so far?

Krystel: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Project so far. I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I love how much I’ve learned in my time at the African History Project, which makes me more eager to continue my research and work with my peers. 

AHP: Would you say the study of Black political thought and culture matters? If so, why?

Krystel: Understanding Black political thought is so imperative in a truly inclusive world. There is so much to be learned for Black thinkers and figures, not only about the Black experience specifically, but also within the spheres of global politics, international relations, and culture. 

AHP: Why did you want to do this Fellowship and why did you choose the African History Project? 

Krystel: I wanted to work in a space with other Africanists, while also exploring my academic interests in history and politics. I found that the Fellowship fulfilled a lot of my goals and it is an opportunity to feed all of my interests at once. 

African History Proejct - Jamaican ATS (1)
THE AUXILIARY TERRITORIAL SERVICE IN JAMAICA, 1944 (K 5926) Jamaica’s first ATS unit at drill.

AHP: Are there highlights in your time here that you would like to share ?

Krystel: The major highlight of my Fellowship so far is collaborating with my colleagues and the other Fellows. I’ve already learned so much from my peers. It is very empowering to be working with other Africanists who are passionate about the history, politics, and culture of Africans and the Diaspora. 

AHP: Are there any of your accomplishments at the Project so far that makes you proud?

Krystel: The Project collaborates with other Centres that are focused on highlighting the African Diaspora. Collaboration is something that I think will only benefit both sides, and our collaborations in particular ensure this.

AHP: Can you share with us what you are currently working on?

Krystel: I am currently working on developing a course on Haitian Vodou in our Department of Black Political Thought and Culture. In the Department of Education, I am currently working on a course titled Teaching Black History as World History. I am very excited to see both of the courses develop and can’t wait to see the outcome! 

Kathleen Cleaver, Civil Rights Activist

AHP: What are your long-term career goals and how does the Fellowship feed into this?

Krystel: Some of my long-term goals are to continue to promote and uplift the perspectives of the Diaspora, and ensure our perspectives and narratives are appropriately highlighted. Working with AHP is definitely an opportunity to further these goals as I am given an opportunity to help amplify Black voices, while also being granted the chance to research and expand my thoughts on the Diaspora. 

AHP: Which historical figure would you most like to meet and why?

Krystel: I would most like to have a conversation with Kathleen Cleaver. Her past experiences and the intersectional nature of her work interests me so deeply. Over the past few years, I have looked up to her for the strength and courage she showed in her early twenties, and how later in her life she transitioned into academia.

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