Director of the African History Project, Apeike Umolu, speaks with Dr Kiatezua Luyaluka on African Cosmology

African History Project - Centre of Pan African Thought - Cosmology

In a series of interviews designed to recognise and articulate the philosophical and doctrinal lines between African and western religious thought, Apeike Umolu sat with African theologian, Dr Kiatezua Luyaluka, to speak about African Cosmology.

Dr. Luyaluka is an outstanding scholar of African Religion and spirituality. His theses have been published several times in the Journal of Black Studies edited by Molefi Asante and Ama Mazama, two of the leading scholars of African religion. He has also been published several times in Africology: the Journal of Pan African Studies which counts the eminent historian Toyin Falola on its editorial board. 

A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has authored about 14 books on African spirituality and epistemology. His work has contributed immensely to scholarship in this area.

The conversations centred on fundamental concepts of African cosmology and spirituality. Speaking on the importance of these conversations, our Summer Fellow George Evans, noted: ‘African worldviews are not given enough accreditation within the Western academy, and the work of scholars such as Dr Luyaluka directly challenges this in showing their continued and historical importance’.

In the discussions, Dr Luyaluka explored new linguistics, semantics and idioms for our understanding of the world, of consciousness and of humanity. They were spirituals as well as theological and philosophical conversations.

Umolu and the AHP team were deeply honoured to have moderated these conversations.

Umolu has since chaired a conversation with Professor Kweku Ampiah discussing the Pan-African thought of Professor Kwame Appiah.