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On Saturday 18 September, 2021, the African History Project will run a 1-day workshop in Black Consciousness

The workshop will be delivered online, via live and interactive seminars. The day will commence at 9.15am and end at 4pm (London time). Led by Director of the School, Apeike Umolu, this enlightening and engaging course will not only place Black Consciousness in its historical context but will teach participants how to deploy its tools in pursuit of personal and collective growth.

‘Though many people understand the need for all members of a society to undergo decolonisation, very few people know how to start on the journey,’ says Umolu. ‘We are very proud of this course as it allows students to not only talk about psychological decolonisation but to begin the journey towards it.’

The workshop consists of a number of sessions centering on the writings of thinkers such as South African revolutionary Steve Biko, Martinican political thinker Frantz Fanon, and Brazilian educational theorist Paolo Freire and others. 

The workshop will enable participants to map a course in Black Consciousness by taking the time to understand how history, language, education and religion can assist in the overcoming of the psychological effects of oppression. Specifically, by considering the current state of global Blackness, as well as the specifics of the Black experience in various parts of Africa and its diaspora, participants will explore both the necessities of, as well as the practicalities of, deploying Black Consciousness programmes in their own communities. 

Whether one is a student, lifelong learner or corporate leader, our small class sizes allow participants to immerse themselves in the works of great thinkers, making for robust and interactive sessions. Open to all, the course is also an alternative to traditional diversity and inclusion training, acting as a professional development tool for those looking to develop more compassionate and inclusive corporate cultures.

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About the African History Project

The African History Project is a specialist liberal arts school of Black history, political thought and culture. Our world-class programme includes public lectures, workshops, short courses and foundation certificates in all aspects of Black political and intellectual history and thought. Through this innovative programming that seeks to centre the Black experience, we aim to inspire students, spark debate and champion Black history.

We work with historians, educators, writers, poets and artists based across the world. Drawing on our shared expertise, our courses allow students to understand more about Africa, her ideas, her politics, her religions and above all her people, both on the continent and in the diaspora.



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