Black-Owned Liberal Arts School Launches Course in African Religion

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The African History Project unveils a 6-week course in African Religion. The course was developed by the school’s Department of Black Political Thought and Culture. With the launch of the course, the African History Project furthers its commitment to the education of students in all aspects of Black history and political thought.

“This is a standout course because of the treatment of both continental and diasporic religions,” says Apeike Umolu, the Director of the African History Project. “We wanted to allow students to understand African religion in its many manifestations and we believe this is a course that does just that.”

The course is designed to provide engaging and academically rigorous tuition to all students interested in understanding the place of religion in African tradition and life. It features modules that explore African philosophy of religion and dive into the theologies, episcopacies, and practices of two leading African religions, Yoruba Ifa and Haitian Vodou.  It has been developed by the school’s stellar cohort of Fellows and Researchers

“Religion remains a central part of so many people’s lives,” adds Umolu on the continuing importance of religious education. “In many countries, religion remains at the heart of the government. Therefore you cannot understand human relations, be they historical or contemporary, without understanding religion.” 

As the original human religion, an understanding of African religion deepens understanding of all religions, of the very concept of religion itself. However, African religion has often been painted as demonic or occultic. Thus, it is essential now more than ever that it is depicted constructively and in the right contexts.

This course is delivered through 10 hours of online learning via video lectures and coursework and takes 4 – 6 weeks to complete. Students will be assessed by an essay. On successful completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion and be eligible for an academic reference. 

The course features the following modules:

  1. Divine and Supreme Beings – Pantheons of Orisha and Lwa
  2. African Cosmologies and Ontologies
  3. Oracles and Divination in the African Tradition
  4. Episcopacies, Cults and Shrines
  5. Moral Philosophy and Deity Agency in the African Tradition

About the African History Project

The African History Project is a specialist liberal arts school of Black history, political thought and culture. Our world-class programme includes public lectures, workshops, short courses and foundation certificates in all aspects of Black political and intellectual history and thought. Through this innovative programming that seeks to centre the Black experience, we aim to inspire students, spark debate and champion Black history.

We work with historians, educators, writers, poets and artists based across the world. Drawing on our shared expertise, our courses allow students to understand more about Africa, her ideas, her politics, her religions and above all her people, both on the continent and in the diaspora.



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