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The AHP Seminar Series is the official seminar series for the school and is available to enrolled students, select alumni, and select academics by invitation only.

These multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental seminars are an integral part of all courses and foundation certificates across the school and students are expected to attend and participate in them in order to successfully complete their courses.

Upcoming Seminars

Pan-African Education, forging solutions between the anvil and the hammer

Seminar | 11/09/21 | Pre-Colonial, Colonial, Post-Colonial – Periodisation in African History

When are the seminars?

For the Autumn Term of the 2021/2022 academic year Seminars will be on Saturdays, 7pm – 8.30pm (London).

Where are the seminars held?

The seminars are held online using Zoom or a similar platform. 

Who attends the seminars?

All students on short courses and foundation certificates should attend the seminars to demonstrate their engagement with the content in their Core Courses. Selected alumni and academics are also invited to take part in seminars.

Aim of the Seminars

Purpose driven, the aim of our seminars are to invigorate formal academic enquiry with the African personality. Learning is not only decentralised and democratised, but it is humanised as participants are asked to engage with sources in both academic and personal ways. Aiming to emulate the Paris salons of the Nardal sisters of the 1920s, while bringing the energy of the early meetings of the UNIA in Harlem during the same period, our meetings are spaces of deep intellectual sharing. 

The bulk of our sessions are run by our Director and Fellows but we welcome applications from academics, independent or affiliated, to present their current work for discussion. If you would like to be considered to lead a seminar please send an email to outlining your current research and the proposed seminar, and attaching your CV and a recent paper (if applicable) for our consideration. 

Aim of the Seminar Series for AHP Students

For our enrolled students, the seminars are an integral part of your time here at the AHP. They will give you the opportunity to engage in critical historical enquiry and analysis guided by African philosophies of, and approaches to, history. Furthermore, the series aims to integrate you into the School’s intellectual community why giving you the chance to hone your skills of advanced academic debate.


Steeped in a culture of discussion, the seminars facilitate learning through the sharing of ideas and perspectives, whether from academic research or lived experience. The focus is on exploring a range of sources around a given topic using African philosophies of and approaches to history. As such, pan-African analysis and multidisciplinary enquiry (encouraging the exploration of non-documentary sources alongside documentary sources) are nurtured during the sessions as attendees are challenged to read sources from de-colonial and post-colonial perspectives.

The sessions will run as follows:

  • Welcome – 10 minutes
  • Presentation/Introduction to the sources and topic – 20 minutes
  • Seminar Discussion/Debate/Enquiry – up to 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take part in the seminars?

Students enrolled onto our short courses and foundation certificates are eligible to join the seminars.

I am enrolled on a workshop not a short coure, can I attend the seminars?

Unfortunately, at the moments our seminars are only available to students enrolled on our short courses or foundation certificates. 

I am not an enrolled student, can I attend the seminars?

Unfortunately, our seminars are only for enrolled students, select alumni and select external academics. If you like the look of the seminar series, the likelihood is you will enjoy taking one of our course so please have a look at the courses we have open for registration.

I am enrolled on a short course or foundation certificate, do I have to attend the seminars?

Yes, the seminars are an integral part of your course – they are the live portion of your course through which students develop key skills of historical debate.

I am enrolled on a short course or foundation certificate, how many seminars will I attend?

If you are on a 6-week course, you will likely have 6 scheduled seminars. In you are on a 12-week course, you will likely have 12 scheduled seminars. 

If you are enrolled on a foundation certificate, as it is a modular qualification made up of short courses, the number of seminars you have to attend will depend on the course you are currently working through.

I am an enrolled student, what if I am unable to make a seminar?

Seminars are an integral part of the course and go hand in hand with the pre-recorded content. This means that attendance at and contribution to the seminars are mandatory. 

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