Overview of AHP Courses

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Our courses have been designed by experienced historians and online learning specialists. Using a combination of recorded video lectures, curated reading lists, knowledge questions, depth studies, and tutor support, students explore the depth and breadth of their chosen topics.

The lesson in our courses have been designed to complement our live seminar series – these are the weekly/bi-weekly meetings through which students are expected to put the knowledge they have learnt in their core course into practice. 

Our courses are academically rigorous, allowing students to develop intellectually in leaps and bounds. It is very important that students keep to the study schedule, and demonstrate this in seminars with their contributions. 

Video Lectures

Our video lectures introduce students to the lesson topic. They help students to grasp key ideas and to focus on particular areas of enquiry and historical debate. They are also used as gateways into the curated reading list. They either set students up to successfully complete the reading or, on completion of the reading, they help students to focus their analysis. High quality and highly-engaging, our lectures are delivered at a level that will challenge students to engage with the rest of the lesson content more critically.

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Curated Reading

Rather than long reading lists, we provide students with a curated selection of key readings. Our tutors select sources that centre the Black experience and the Black voice, hopefully introducing students to thinkers, historians and methods they may not otherwise have come across. From political essay, to oral traditions and oral histories; from academic essays to poetry and music, our tutors select sources that allow students to undertake a multidisciplinary exploration of the topics at hand. As a school working within the pan-African tradition, we are conscious to expose students to the breadth of experiences and perspectives across the Black world. This can be seen through the geographic diversity of writers on our reading lists.

Knowledge Questions

At the AHP we say that we are passion driven and student focussed. In keeping with the African philosophy of education that centres above all the nurturing of esteem, our courses are not designed to “catch students out” but to support them in mastering the content. Knowledge questions guide students through the reading list, helping them to organise their thoughts and highlighting key ideas that will be explored later. No answers are provided to the questions as they are intended to help facilitate students’ thinking. You do not need to submit your responses, however, your tutor is always happy to read through your answers and provide feedback.

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Depth Studies

These lessons allow students to dive more into specific non-core areas of the course. We encourage students to complete the depth studies where they can for their own personal development, however, the assignments to assess the course do not require students to use content from the depth studies. Depth studies should be completed if you have extra time or have a particular interest in the concept being dealt with in the depth study. 


All of our courses are assessed by 1000-word essays (either one or two). For more information about assignments, please click here.

Tutor Support

Your tutor is here to support you as you work through the course. They will send you regular emails to keep you on track and remind you of key events within the school. Please direct your course questions to them – they are here to help with your progress through, and understanding of, the course. They will also likely lead a number of the seminars while you are enrolled at the school. They will also be marking your assignments. 

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