Welcome to the School

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Hello and welcome to the African History Project.

We are extremely excited that you have decided to study with us. Whether you are participating in a workshop or taking one of our Foundation Certificates, you are an important and valued member of the school community.

We have a unique mission here: we are ‘passion driven and student focused’. The African philosophy of education is a humanist philosophy. And yes, our courses are designed and delivered within an African approach to education. This means the human experience is at the centre of everything we do. Thus, the tutors here at the Project have been chosen because teaching is a central part of their practice. While they conduct amazing research on all aspects of Black history, they are deeply passionate about sharing their knowledge with students, no matter which stage of their educational journey they are in.

In addition to undertaking your course, there is a lot to explore in the school. From our journal, The Africxn Review, with its selection of critical essays and study guides, all the way to our innovative seminar series – a cross-departmental skills-focused seminar series that gives students insight into interesting areas of Black history. In addition, many of you may have joined us after watching one of our public lectures. We would like to encourage you to continue to attend these and actively participate in the chat. 

In the Student Portal you will find a lot of useful information – please work your way through the guidance so you have all the information you need to be successful in your studies. Please check the Portal regularly for course updates. 

Your course leader will also circulate a weekly newsletter – please keep an eye out for this in your inbox. If you go more than one week without receiving a course newsletter, please let your tutor know so they can check that you are on the correct mailing list. 

You should now feel ready to dive into your course! Start by reading through the course description and course introduction before diving into the first substantive lesson. If you have any issues accessing your course materials please send an email to your tutor who will be happy to help. 

Take care, 

The AHP Team