The African History Project Launches Course in African Historiography

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Black-owned Liberal Arts School, the African History Project has recently launched a 12-week course in African Historiography. Curated by the African History Department of the School, the comprehensive and insightful course introduces students not only to the history of Africa, but to the history of “African history”.

The course aims to give students a robust understanding of the building blocks of historical practice in the African tradition. The course will be delivered online via live and recorded lectures, knowledge questions and critical readings. Students will be assessed by two 1000-word essays with both scoring 50% each for the final grade. On successful completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion and be eligible for an academic reference. 

In the words of Senior Fellow at the African History Project, Kai Mora, “This course identifies how historical, cultural and linguistic contexts dramatically shifted the study of Africa, while simultaneously examining how the African oral tradition has been used to sustain and perpetuate a unified Black experience, illustrating the complexity of narrative as a tool for historical contemplation”.

The course captures Africa’s unique and varied methods of recording history and  documenting events before and after European colonialism and conducts an essential exploration of the history of the continent and its people. It provides a brilliant introduction to over 600 years of African history writing and recitation.

The course features the following modules:

  • What is History – Introduction to African Philosophy of History
  • Why do we do History? – Introduction to the Psychology of History
  • How have we done History? – Introduction to African Historiography
  • How should we do history? – Introduction to Approaches to African History

Through this course, the African History Project hopes to give students an understanding of the place of history in African societies; what Africans and others have written about African history from antiquity to the present day, and how historians engage with African historical narratives today.

The course also challenges students to understand the unique treatment of African history in world intellectual discourse and the opportunities this provides for aspiring Africanists.

About the African History Project

The African History Project is a specialist liberal arts school of Black history, political thought and culture. Our world-class programme includes public lectures, workshops, short courses and foundation certificates in all aspects of Black political and intellectual history and thought. Through this innovative programming that seeks to centre the Black experience, we aim to inspire students, spark debate and champion Black history.

We work with historians, educators, writers, poets and artists based across the world. Drawing on our shared expertise, our courses allow students to understand more about Africa, her ideas, her politics, her religions and above all her people, both on the continent and in the diaspora.



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