Apeike Umolu and Prof. John K Marah to discuss Pan-African education

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In a conversation moderated by our Director, Apeike Umolu, and hosted by the Centre for the Study of Pan-African Citizenship Education (CPACE), Professor John K Marah of the State University of New York, Brockport (SUNY), will discuss the current state of education in Africa, including the legacies of colonisation, the impacts of globalisation, and the opportunities afforded by a Pan-African education agenda.

The conversation will take place on Thursday 14 October 2021 at 7pm (London) online. General admission is £15 but students can attend for £10 and AHP and SUNY students and faculty can attend for free. 

‘It is an honour to welcome Professor Marah to the Centre, a thinker whose work greatly inspired the founding of CPACE,’ said Umolu. She notes that her deep interest in the subject stems from the irony that ‘it was a western educated elite that conceived of Pan-Africanism yet education systems and curricula fit for the nurturing of the Pan-Africans of tomorrow remain elusive. ‘This is something Pan-Africanist thinkers need to urgently address,’ she says. But she is hopeful: ‘I hope through this conversation Dr Marah can shed light on how we got here and in so doing inspire the much needed reflection and action needed’.

A native of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr Marah is passionate about Pan African Education. He is currently a Professor with the Department of African and African American Studies at State University of New York, Brockport (SUNY). He has also appeared on television and radio discussing a variety of issues on Africa and African people. His books such as Pan-African Education: A Must for the African Union, have made waves globally.

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Umolu and the AHP team are very excited to be hosting this conversation. Umolu has previously held conversations on various aspects of contemporary Pan-African thought with Professor Kweku Ampiah, Sir Hilary Beckles, and Professor Barney Pityana. 

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