Dr Olukoya Ogen of the Osun State University, to discuss religious pluralism in Africa

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In a conversation hosted by the African History Project, our Director, Apeike Umolu speaks with distinguished Professor of history, Dr Olukoya Ogen of the Osun State University to discuss the historic and contemporary relationship between Africa’s three religions – African Traditional Religion, Islam and Christianity – and how this connection is a defining feature of African identity.

The conversation will take place on Thursday 28 October 2021 at 7 pm (London time) and is free to attend. 

‘The current relevance of this conversation cannot be overstated’, said Umolu. ‘Not only is Nigeria at this present time seeing a rise in nationalist rhetoric, but Mozambique is also grappling with religious insurgency. Dr. Ogen is a rare find in that his work is at the intersection of history, politics and religion making him uniquely placed to lead us through trying to understand the political, theological, and historical nuances of how religion has and continues to shape African relationships’.

The conversation will explore views on how the existence, and co-existence, of the three religions has affected how Africans relate with each other and the effect this may have had on African identity.

Dr Olukoya Ogen is a Professor of History at Osun State University and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Department of African Studies and Anthropology at the University of Birmingham. He is the Nigerian Co-ordinator of the ‘Knowing Each Other’ ERC grant on ‘Everyday Religious Encounter in Southwest Yorubaland’. He has written extensively on African History including contributions to “Beyond Religious Tolerance – Muslim, Christian and Traditionalist Encounters in an African Town” (2017) and “Critical Perspectives on Peace, Conflict and Warfare in Africa” (2012).

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Umolu and the AHP team are very excited to be hosting this conversation. Umolu has previously held conversations on African religion with Dr Kiatezua Luyaluka on African Cosmology at the Centre of Pan African Thought

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