The Africxn Review is the official journal of the African History Project. A curated collection of critical essays, the journal is dedicated to fostering a safe space for critical discourse on the African experience, both on the continent and in the diaspora.

The Africxn Review seeks writers who offer unique perspectives on the continuum of African history, political thought, educational philosophy, and literary cultures (written and oral). We accept a wide range of forms, including, critical theory, literary and visual reviews and historical writing.

Chief Editor: Apeike Umolu | Managing Editor: Kai Mora

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting. We are not accepting submissions at this time but look forward to opening submissions soon.

The Africxn Review has a year-round, open call for submissions that reflect on the African and Diasporic experience. We are always excited to read new writing and to share with our readers the wonderful new perspectives emanating from within and about the African experience. At this time, we are not able to remunerate accepted submissions, but hope to establish a fulfilling, balanced relationship with all contributors.

We ask that all submissions be send as Word documents and accompanied by an abstract of of roughly 50 words. For more scholarly pieces, where you use referencing, please keep it consistent throughout your piece and please use a recognised referencing convention, such as the Chicago Author-Date standard:

Critical and Historical Essays

Critical essays should be between 750 and 1,000 words. We may consider longer pieces that lend themselves to serialisation but the total word count should not exceed 3,000.

Literary or Visual Reviews

Literary/Visual reviews should be between 500 and 600 words and/or 10-15 images. You should attach a copy or provide a link to the literary or visual work you are reviewing. Please clear all copyright permissions for images and send proof of the same with your submission.

Advice to Contributors

The Africxn Review is committed to a Pan-African perspective that is inclusive of all continental and diasporic communities. While we seek writing that highlights the diversity of the African experience, the proposed work should ultimately draw on the unity of Africa and the diaspora. 

We are mostly interested in essays that consult and engage with the works of leading thinkers, writers and artists of African and Diasporic history. We particularly welcome submissions related to already widely-discussed events, thinkers, concepts and movements but urge contributors to assess and clearly state in their essay what new perspective they bring to the topic. We also welcome drafts, but ask that a substantial amount of content and ideas already be developed. 

Please have a read of our recent articles. All publications say this but here is why it is important: not only to know if we have published something on your topic recently, but also to know if our publication is the best place for your voice. Only trust a publication with your work if you are sure it will handle it with care.

Ultimately, DO have fun writing – if you enjoy writing it, the chances are we and others will enjoy reading it. Don’t worry if we don’t accept your first submission. The editors at The Africxn Review take the utmost care to read diligently, and will always take the time and love to suggest ways to improve and format your writing to fit our content style. Keep reading the journal to see what sort of pieces we are accepting, and when you are ready, please go ahead and submit another piece!

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