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HORTON, James Africanus Beale

Sierra Leonean surgeon, scientist, botanist, political theorist, constitutionalist, African nationalist, soldier, banker, and diplomat.

on the Denigration of Culture | FANON, Frantz

What role does the denigration of culture play in the colonial enterprise? In this article we will explore Fanon’s ideas about culture in the colonial context.

on the Mapping of Colonial Dichotomies | FANON, Frantz

What are colonial dichotomies and how do they facilitate psychological colonisation? In this article we will explore Frantz Fanon’s ideas about colonial dichotomies.

on the Utility of Violence | FANON, Frantz

What is the place of violence in the process of decolonisation? This article explores Fanon’s ideas on this in his seminal essay Concerning Violence.

on the Meaning of Decolonisation | FANON, Frantz

What does decolonisation look like? This article explores Fanon’s ideas about what happens in true decolonisation.