Frantz Fanon and his Blueprint for African Culture[s]

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By Apeike UMOLU


The debate about the place of both “tradition” and “modernity” in African cultures has raged on since the 19th century. In emerging from colonialism, should African cultures retreat to the “precolonial”, embrace the “western”, or carve out for themselves something new? Frantz Fanon proposes the last – but why? In this lecture we dissect the life and work of eminent Martinican psychiatrist and political thinker, Frantz Fanon. Fanon was a key ideological leader of the Algerian resistance during the war of independence from France. A realist, he challenged Africans to attain the necessary consciousness to construct the new sense of self he felt was essential to their success in the post-colonial world. This lecture dives into Fanon’s life, unpacks his work during the Algerian war, and deconstructs his blueprint for postcolonial African culture[s].