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African Religion

It cannot be denied that African religion is receiving increased interest from scholars on the continent and in the diaspora as a new generation of thinkers explores the many layers of moral and spiritual teachings.

Our particular interest at the African History Project is on the politics of religion, exploring how political power manifests in African religious action and theology and also how political society responds to African religion. 

Throughout the year, we carry out research into key issues in African religion, particularly into its wider contribution to political epistemology and moral philosophy.


Each Autumn as part of our Foundation Certificate in African History and Political Thought we run our flagship course and public lecture series in Introduction to African Religion.

In Autumn 2022 our public lectures and tutorials will be in the following topics – individual lecture titles will be released closer to the time:

  1. The Supreme Being
  2. The Attributes of Divinity
  3. Cosmology
  4. Spirit Possession as Liturgy
  5. Episcopacies, Societies and Shrines
  6. Moral Philosophy and Deity Agency

Registration for the public lectures will open soon. If you are interested is enrolling on the Foundation Certificate please visit our Foundation Certificate Information Page.

Past Lectures


Dr Olukoya Ogen Becomes a Fellow of the Historical Society of Nigeria

We will shortly have the honour of welcoming Dr Olukoya Ogen to the African History Project to discuss his work on the history of religion

Director of the African History Project, Apeike Umolu, speaks with Dr Kiatezua Luyaluka on African Cosmology

The three-part series, ‘Conversations on African Cosmology’, was organised by the Centre of Pan African Thought and held online in July, 2021.

Black-Owned Liberal Arts School Launches Course in African Religion

With the launch of the course, the African History Project furthers its commitment to teaching all aspects of Black history and political thought.