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African Historiography and Approaches to History

There are few historical traditions as vibrant and varied as the African historical tradition. As a result of the continued efforts across the Pan-African world to unearth and legitimise all aspects of African cultural production, past and present, we must think critically about how we narrate those histories.

Throughout the year, we carry out research into key issues in African historiography and approaches to history, particularly questions on periodisation, regionalisation, and how we can better incorporate oral, visual, literary, and musical cultures into the study of African history.


Each Autumn as part of our Foundation Certificate in African History and Political Thought we run our flagship course and public lecture series in African Historiography and Approaches to African History. 

In Autumn 2022 our public lectures and tutorials will be in the following topics – individual lecture titles will be released closer to the time:

  1. Philosophy of History
  2. Psychology of History
  3. African Historiography
  4. Periodisation in African History
  5. Regionisation in African History
  6. Linguistic Topographies in African History

Registration for the public lectures will open soon. If you are interested is enrolling on the Foundation Certificate please visit our Foundation Certificate Information Page.

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