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Study African history in a structured and comprehensive way.

Our African Regional History courses are run by our Department of African History.

The department runs a Foundation Certificate as well as the Short Courses and Workshops each year dedicated to African history.

These courses explore the history of the continent and its peoples from 1500 to circa 1970, covering the growth and fall of kingdoms and republican federations, the growth of continental and international trade, the influence of Islam and Christianity, the endurance of African cosmologies, and the eventual triumph of African intellectualism and nationalism.

These courses require students to consider the history of African societies over an extended period of time. They aim to encourage an appreciation of the continuities and dislocations within each period, and to explore the political, social, economic, gender and religious developments that would lead to the formation of the African political and social settlements of today.

Please visit our Department of African History for more details.

African History Project - Family Sitting at Table Foundation Certificate in
African History
The Foundation Certificate in African History is aimed at students with an interest in the cultures and historical narratives of Africa, its regions and its people. FIND OUT MORE

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