Tuesday 20 April | Golden Stools and Kente Cloth: the Making of Asante Kings – African History Project
Department of African History

Golden Stools and Kente Cloth: the Making of Asante Kings

Public Lecture | Tuesday 20 April 2021, 6.30pm (UK)

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    How does one become a king? 

    In this exciting and visual lecture and conversation, we will explore the ceremony and symbolism of African kingship, with a focus on the Asante kings of West Africa.

    In an exploration of material culture and history, we will explore the rituals and regalia of the coronations and state appearances of African kings, exploring the visual communication of kingship on the continent from antiquity to the modern day.

    We will also consider the role of the community, particularly women, in public expressions of kinship, loyalty and veneration, examining how dress and formation are used to display communal strength and fidelity.  

    Join us as we undertake a visual journey into Africa’s past and living cultures. 

    African History Project - Asante King - Prempeh II