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As a department we are committed to helping our students dive into the stories of the continent and its people, to explore the lives and events that have shaped modern African consciousness. Our courses are expertly designed and expertly led, challenging students to think critically and place events within there regional, continental, pan-African and international contexts.

Public Lectures

Tuesday 6 July | The Looting of Africa’s Artefacts

7 September | What Happened to Mutesa II, the last Kabaka of Buganda?

African History Project - African Boy with Musket SHORT COURSE | Department of African History African Historiography
and Approaches to History
A powerful and comprehensive course introducing students to the study of African history FIND OUT MORE

This powerful and comprehensive course introduces students not only to the history of Africa, but to the history of “African history”.

  • Application Status:  Open for registration
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Fees: £249

The first part of the course looks at how the telling of Africa’s historical narratives has changed with time, from the oral traditions of antiquity to those of the modern day; from 14th century epics in Arabic, to 20th century masterpieces in vernacular languages and English. This is an essential exploration of the history of the continent and its people, providing a brilliant introduction to over 600 years of African history writing and recitation.

The second half of the course steeps itself in current historical practice – how should we study Africa’s past today? Considering important tools such as oral history and philosophical concepts such as pan-Africanism and post-colonialism, this part of the course forces students to think critically about how to tell robust and authentic African histories.

African History Project - Family Sitting at Table Foundation Certificate in
African History
The Foundation Certificate in African History is aimed at students with an interest in the cultures and historical narratives of Africa, its regions and its people. FIND OUT MORE

Students will dive into the amazing historical narratives of the 19th and 20th centuries, exploring the rise and fall of empires like the great Asante in the West and the Zulu in the south, the effects of the installation of European administrations across the continent, and the emergence of new nation states in the 20th century.

  • Application Status: opening 1 June 2021
  • Duration: 1 year part-time
  • Fees: £899

In this engaging yet challenging programme of study, students will explore how these events have shaped African politics and society, and how African intellectual thought has developed during this period.

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