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As a department we are committed to helping our students dive into the stories of the continent and its people, to explore the lives and events that have shaped modern African consciousness. Our courses are expertly designed and expertly led, challenging students to think critically and place events within there regional, continental, pan-African and international contexts.

Public Lectures

Tuesday 20 April | Golden Stools and Kente Cloth: the Making of Asante Kings

Tuesday 4 May | Africanus Horton – Life of an African Polymath

African History Project - Family Sitting at Table Foundation Certificate
in African History
The Foundation Certificate in African History is aimed at students with an interest in the cultures and historical narratives of Africa, its regions and its people. Visit Course Page

Foundation Certificate in African History

Application Status: opening 1 June 2021

Duration: 1 year part-time

Fees: £899

Course Aims 

This course aims to give students an overview of the political and social developments in Africa between 1800 and 1980 and to place events on the continent firmly within modern world history discourse.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should understand:

  • the chronology of political and social developments across the continent during this period;
  • the rise and fall of various nations in response to internal and external pressures;
  • the changing nature of inter-African and international trade and their effects on the African and wider world economies; 
  • the rise of new African intellectualism;
  • The emergence of the modern African nation states.

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