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The African History Project is an educational and public history institution specialising in the design and delivery of world-class programming that centres the exploration of African historical narratives.

We have an established public lecture programme, and we offer a world-leading Foundation Certificate in African History. We are also committed to thought leadership in the space of African political and intellectual history. We publish scholarly articles in our journal, The Africxn Review and produce a number of occasional papers and white papers each year with the aim of facilitating greater cooperation and innovation in our areas of expertise.

We welcome enquiries from prospective students and partners, please feel free to send us an email.

African History Project - Apeike Umolu

Apeike Umolu

Our ethos

We teach the histories of Black peoples in their entirety, as experienced by Black peoples giving students an authentic understanding of Black cultures

We champion the work of Black historians and primary sources from Black historical figures including the use of oral histories, poetry, art, artefacts and music to explore Black ideas of self and community

We have a pan-African approach to the study of Black histories allowing students to explore the influence of and impact on contemporaneous global Black experiences

Online Study

Our online courses make use of digital archives and audio-visual resources to enhance the learning experience and widen access to Black historical study at the highest of levels.

Expert Tuition

Our lessons have been designed by experienced lecturers and tutors in consultation with historians to ensure that they are engaging, critical and informative.

Video Lectures

Our video lectures provide robust introductions to topics and support students as they work through readings and engage with the sources.


Students receive a certificate of completion and full transcript on successful completion of the course and are eligible for an academic reference.

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