The African History Project is the world's leading public history institution dedicated to African history education

We design and deliver courses and public lectures and publish articles, pamphlets, and books on all aspects of African history.

What we do

African History Project - Foundation Certificate in African History
We run individual courses as well as our flagship year-long Foundation Certificate in African History.
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African History Project - Public Lectures
Our ambitious public lecture programme is free and open to all. Our aim is to offer a programme that will inform, stimulate, entertain, and excite.
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African History Project - The Africxn Review
Our articles and publications provide readers with new perspectives on important events in African history.
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The Project is a new way to approach African history education - while others are working hard to reform existing institutions, we are doing our bit by building our own

Apeike Umolu, Director

Meet Our Team

African History Project - Apeike Umolu
Apeike Umolu
Political Thought and Intellectual History
African History Project - Kai Mora
Kai Mora
Senior Fellow
Cultural and Intellectual History
African History Project - Mubarak Aliyu
Mubarak Aliyu
Junior Researcher
Political Thought and Intellectual History

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