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Spring Exhibition | Feb - Mar 2021 Join us for a series of talks, courses, workshops
and articles that will explore the life and work of
South African revolutionary Bantu Steve Biko,
the father of Black Consciousness.
AHP - Glory Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas 2020 copy

Glory Sam-Jolly

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The Black Feminine | Black History Month We explore the work and philosophy
of a young "arti-vist" telling
the Black female narratives of today
AHP - Rosales 1 copy

Harmonia Rosales

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The Black Feminine | Black History Month Chosen by Glory Sam-Jolly
our Black History Month #takeover artist
we explore Rosales' groundbreaking work
AHP - Glory Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas 2020 copy

Glory Sam-Jolly

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The Black Feminine | Black History Month We explore the work and philosophy
of a young "arti-vist" telling
the Black female narratives of today

Latest Articles

Africa’s Stolen Artefacts – Change is Coming

A number of recent developments have re-invigorated the campaign to return Africa’s stolen artefacts to their rightful owners. Edo Museum of West African Art In September, the architecture firm Adjaye Associates confirmed their appointment to design and construct the Edo …

The Black Feminine – Harmonia Rosales’ Ode to her Ancestors

Harmonia Rosales is one of the artists chosen by artist and curator Glory Sam-Jolly (@gloryology) as part of our Black History Month artist #takeover on the theme, The Black Feminine. Intention and result rarely reconcile perfectly. But, on seeing Rosales’ …

Glory Sam-Jolly – a young “arti-vist” inserting the Black feminine into contemporary art

I knew near instantly on seeing Glory Sam-Jolly’s work that she was the perfect person to give us an insight into the Black Feminine in contemporary art. Young, ambitious and immensely talented, her work turns heads for its audacity, placing …

Upcoming Events

Monday 7 December 2020 | Black Lives Matter – Lessons from 2020

Join us as we review the state of the global struggle for Black human rights in light of the events of this year and ask what lessons there are to be learnt. Aiming to place the death of George Floyd, …

Monday 1 February 2021 | The Trial of Steve Biko

Registration opening 1 December 2020 | In 1978, the leadership of the South African Students’ Organisation, founded by Biko, and the Black People’s Convention were put on trial in apartheid South Africa. What followed was one of the seminal events …

Saturday 20 February 2021 | A Course in Black Consciousness

Registration opening 1 December 2020 | Join us for this enlightening and engaging course in which we will not only place Black Consciousness in its historical context but will learn how to deploy its tools in pursuit of our personal …

Saturday 6 March 2021 | I Write What I Like

Registration opening 1 December 2020 | Join us in this amazing writing workshop in which Biko’s work is used as inspiration to help participants to write more audaciously and consciously. Biko wrote audaciously, striking fear into the heart of the …



Who We Are

The African History Project is a response to the world’s call to better synthesise and distribute Black histories.

The Project aims to address the dearth of engaging, comprehensive and intuitive resources in this area. Through the design and delivery of courses and resources, we hope to make quality Black history education available to all.

How you can help

Many people recognise the need to facilitate and advocate for the study of Black histories and it is for these people that this Project has been launched.

For too long there has been no way for people to make tangible contributions to the expansion of the study of Black histories – that’s where we come in!

We are eager to build our community of champions so that we can take this project forward and re-balance the scales of historical discourse. If you can, we would appreciate any amount that you can contribute to this Project. We thank you in advance for your support and generosity as we embark on this long overdue task to redress the imbalance in global narratives that have historically excluded the Black experience.

Key Features

Our courses and resources will offer students the chance to discover new histories and hone their historical skills while empowering teachers and parents in the provision of a truly well-rounded curriculum

Online Courses

Our online courses aim to bring the study of African history to as wide a range of people as possible. Working with educators with over a decade of experience developing online courses, we are using technology to widen access to Black historical narratives at the highest of levels.

Schools Programme

Our Schools Programme combines teacher training, curriculum planning and resources design to guide and support schools and teachers in the integration of Black histories into their syllabuses.

High Quality Resources

Our resources deliver information in an engaging and effective way, guiding students through the syllabus while encouraging their development of critical thinking and historical analysis skills.

Effective Lessons

Our lessons have been designed by experienced teachers and tutors in consultation with historians to ensure that they are engaging, critical and informative.

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