African History Project - Black Girl Studying (4) copy Study Africa and her Diaspora Enrol Today Why study with us? arrow_right Workshops 1-day live and dynamic courses in which students develop new skills, engaging directly with literature, historical narratives and oral histories. Short Courses 4-week introductory courses covering different regions and themes – a great way to explore the breadth of Black history studies. Foundation Certificates 1-year comprehensive courses that allow students to explore regions and themes in more detail, honing their critical thinking skills.

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on Black Consciousness by Apeike Umolu

Launch of our Foundation Certificate in Teaching Black History in Schools 

Why did we launch a new school in the middle of a pandemic?


Tuesday 9 March | How Edward Blyden Found his African Personality

Tuesday 23 March | Franz Fanon and his Blueprint for African Culture[s]

Tuesday 6 April | Africanus Horton – Life of an African Polymath

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Hear from our Director, Apeike Umolu, as she discusses the value of studying African History.

Slide Explore Black History, Culture and Thought With courses covering Africa, the Caribbean and the United States, as well as thematic and Pan-African histories, students will get a holistic understanding of the political, social, economic and intellectual developments in Black communities around the world Department of African History This department oversees the design and delivery of all our workshops, public lectures and courses in African history, providing progressive and comprehensive insight into the history of the continent. Department of Black Political Thought and Culture This department is concerned with Black political thought of the 19th and 20h century as well as Black cultural history in this period. Department of Education This department runs innovative continuing professional development courses for educators looking to improve their subject knowledge, curriculum and lesson design skills.

African History Project - Woman Writing copy Join us for this amazing writing workshop where, using the work of South African revolutionary, Steve Biko, as inspiration, participants will learn how to write more audaciously and consciously I Write
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Slide African History Project - Steve Biko 11 Winter Workshops 2021 | Biko. Who was Steve Biko? Revolutionary Lives Join us in Feb-Mar 2021 as we explore the life and work of South African revolutionary, Bantu Steve Biko, the founder of Black Consciousness. check_circle February | A Course in Black Consciousness check_circle February | The Trial of Steve Biko, an exploration check_circle March | I Write What I Like Find out morearrow_right

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Explore the people, events and ideas of Africa and her diaspora in one of our 1-day workshops.

These engaging and interactive workshops allow participants to explore an area of Black history in creative ways, challenging themselves to think critically and make connections across the time and space of the global Black experience.

African History Project - Black Girl Studying (1) copy Three Leading Departments Education with Passion Designed by historians and educators, our comprehensive and critical courses are pushing students to reach their full potentials About Us arrow_right World Class Tuition Our courses have been designed by historians to ensure that they are engaging, critical and informative. Our resources help to guide students through the syllabus while encouraging their development of critical thinking and historical analysis skills. Service Driven Our tutors are passionate about giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Black history and understand the social political and intellectual changes in Black societies across time and space. Critical Histories We don’t only teach students about what happened, we help students to engage with the historiography around the topics - what previous scholars have said and how historical thinking about particular topics has developed with time Academically Rigourous We believe that history is best taught through engagement with sources. We have a deep understanding of online digital archives and we support our students in learning how to conduct targeted research.