African History Project - Osun Yoruba (3) Explore Religion and Tolerance
with Dr Olukoya Ogen
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African History Project - Family Sitting at Table Foundation Certificate in
African History
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African History Project - Black Americans Foundation Certificate in
Black Political Thought
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Dr Olukoya Ogen of the Osun State University, to discuss religious pluralism in Africa

Dr Olukoya Ogen Becomes a Fellow of the Historical Society of Nigeria

A Brief History of Pan-Africanism

Leading Pan-African School, African History Project, Launches A Half-Day Course in Pan Africanism


Overview of AHP Courses

The AHP Seminar Series

FAQs | African Historiography and Approaches to History

What’s it like on an AHP workshop?

SPOTLIGHT: Teaching Black History

Our part-time Foundation Certificate is now open for registration. This comprehensive programme explores the depth and breadth of Black history, helping educators develop the skills they need to design and deliver robust Black history courses. Combining video lectures, set readings, live seminars, and marked assignments, this programme helps educators to enhance their teaching practice.

Latest Articles from The Africxn Review

The official journal of the African History Project, we combine both literary and academic content in this unique exploration of topics central to the Black experience, on the continent and in diaspora.

The Divine Family – the Language of Divinity in African Family and Faith

We explore fictive kingship, the deification of the Black family and the familial linguistics of Black divinity

Young Pan Africans: Ekaete Alfred discusses her new Pan African Academy

We sit down with Ekaete Alfred to discuss her new and exciting Pan African supplementary school.

Celebrating the Pan-African Pantheon, the Centre of Pan African Thought hosts an important lecture series

The Centre of Pan African Thought hosts a lecture series profiling key figures in Pan-Africanism

Latest Podcast

Hear from our Director, Apeike Umolu, as she discusses the value of studying African History.

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